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Our Summer Test will take place on Sunday 4th June at Ralia Estate, Newtonmore by the kind permission of Mr A Findlay & Mr A Lyon.

Test Schedule June 2017

Working Test Entry

Inter-club Retriever Test 2017
If any member with an Open standard Retriever is interested in taking a place on the MFSRC Team please contact Chairman Roddy Forbes direct on 07831 788125 or
The deadline for entries is approaching fast so if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our 2017 Spring Test took place on Sunday, March 19th at Lochan Dinty and once again we had a great day for it. Our thanks go to judges for the day, Alec Coutts, William Forbes, John Castle, Duncan Gillies, Brian Kelman and David Logan as well as to all those who gave up their day to throw dummies or help out otherwise. Special thanks go to our sponsors: Judges Choice; CSJ Dog food; Tain Pottery and C D McNeill for their continued support.

Results on the day were as follows:

Retrievers Puppy

1st Omachie Colonel of Carnochway handled by Fraser Forbes
2nd Tealan Trapper handled by Les McLean
3rd Fyrish Scandal handled by Iain Sutherland


1st Strathruddie Khakson handled by Willie Spacey
2nd Glenrowan Pride handled by Michelle Collier
3rd Autumwillow Harvest of Bostock Heath handled by Michael Brown


1st Glenpatrick Mica of Carnochway handled by Roddy Forbes
2nd Glenpatrick Regulus of Carnochway handled by Fraser Forbes
3rd Glassgreen Lennox of Cardy handled by Mike Rolland


Spaniels Puppy
1st Paul Wilson – Lenzie Miss (ess/b)
2nd Carrie Smith – Delnamer Black Flash (c/b)
3rd Jim Adamson – Benshinnie Arran (ess/d)
1st Martyn Ryan – Broomfield Kris (ess/d)
2nd Jim Adamson – Lochandaimh Kim of Jenoren (ess/b)
3rd Kate Robertson – Jill Limekiln (ess/b)
1st Graham Clark – Broomfield Gnat (ess/b)
2nd Gary Vennard – Kildabarra Phoenix (ess/d)
3rd Jim MacDougall – Natcarw Grav (ess/d)


Working Test Entry

Summer Test 2016

The summer Test took place on 5th June at Ralia Estate by the kind permission of Mr Alasdair Findlay and Head Keeper, Mr Alastair Lyon. Our thanks go to them for allowing us back onto the ground again this year. The ground is just ideal for the day and what a day it was! We had sunshine and lots of happy people. We would also like to say a huge thank you to the judges and dummy throwers and to all of our sponsors.

The results of the retriever tests, kindly sponsored by CD McNeill and Judges Choice dog food and judged by John MacColl, Sandy Robertson, Iain Sutherland and Sam Drysdale, were as follows:

1st Lunarbay Crystal Moonshine – Heather Mercer
2nd Caulliechat Nightshade of Donian -Roddy McBain
3rd Strathruddie Khakson -Willie Spacey

1st Morayglen Maggie of Oakshot -Graham Slater
2nd Glassgreen Lennox -Mike Rolland
3rd Crochail Moulin Bonny Lass -Angela Brennan

1st Glenpatrick Mica of Carnochway – Roddy Forbes
2nd Abergowan Harris – Ally Kennedy
3rd Drumgoose Fabregas of Aithness – Les McLean

Best Lady Handler:
Levenghyl Rumour Hasit – Amy Higgs

Next year we might have an award for the most sytlish retrieve. If there had been one this year it would undoubtedly have gone to Lewis MacNeill, for rescuing a dummy and saving the club from having to buy a replacement. Thanks Lewis!

The Spaniel test were judged by John Dickson and Peter Rae and sponsored by Tain Pottery and CSJ Dog food. The results were:

1st Martyn Ryan – Broomfield Kris ESSd
2nd Kate Robertson – Jill Limekiln ESSb
3rd Mark Fallon – Bankbrae Viper ESSb
1st Gary Vennard – Kildabarra Phoenix ESSd
2nd Martyn Ryan – Broomfield Kris ESSd
3rd Alan Pett – Quickaway Neptune Cocker/d
1st Stuart Dunn – Kirstzo Mr Soft ESSd
2nd Gary Vennard – Craigscourt Black Jack ESSd
3rd Gary Vennard – Kildabarra Phoenix ESSd

Spring Test 2016

This year our Spring Test took place at Lochan Dinty by the kind permission of Moray Estates. We had another good day there and were generously sponsored by Tain Pottery, Judges Choice and CSJ dog food. Our thanks go to them for their continued support and to everyone who helped out and threw dummies on the day.

The Retriever tests were judged by: Ally Kennedy; Willie Spacey; Barry McDowell and Robin Drysdale and the results were as follows

1st Caulliechat Nightshade of Donian – Roddy McBain
2nd Kewquartz Misty Evening – Alistair McIntyre
3rd Leadburn Wonder of Camiscskan – Craig Cant

1st Hawksrigg Aurora – Rachel Murray
2nd Braalcastle Jacobite – Stan Payne
3rd Abergowans Argyl – Bob Kass

1st Drumgoose Fabragas of Aithness – Les McLean
2nd Glanpatrick Mica of Carnochway – Roddy Forbes
3rd Auchencloch Azura – Lewis MacNeill

Test March 2016(2) 263

The judges for the Spaniel tests were Bill Johnstone and Will Calder. Results were:

1st – Martyn Ryan – Glenugie’s Quickfire (C/D)
2nd – Martyn Ryan – Broomfield Kris (ESS/D)
3rd – Sarah Fallon – Keredean Lady Aberuchill (C/B)

1st – George Gardiner – Meikleburn Eevie (ESS/B)
2nd – Martyn Ryan – Broomfield Kris (ESS/D)
3rd – Stuart Dunn – Sneggy High Flyer (ESS/D)

1st – A. McIntyre – Tappop the Keeper (ESS/B)
2nd – George Gardiner – Natcarw Grav ESS/D)
3rd – Gary Vennard – Craigscourt Black Jack (ESS/D)

Test March 2016(2) 258

Open Retriever Tests at Chatsworth House, 6th & 7th June 2015

Congratulations go to Chairman Roddy Forbes for his win at the Kennel Clubs test which was held at Chatsworth House. The results were as follows:

1st Glenpatrick Mica of Carnochway – Roddy Forbes
2nd Saxaphon Brown Ale of Lincswolds – Richard King
3rd Tayfordwoods Saruman – Ms W Glue
4th Leacaz Ricky of Caytonfell – Mark Demaine

Ralia, Newtonmore, Sunday 7th June 2015

We had a great day at our Summer Test, with thanks to Alasdair Findlay at Ralia Estate and head keeper Alistair Lyon for allowing us back to use this ground. Our thanks for giving up their day to judge Jim Munro, George Buchan, Duncan Gillies and Peter Nicol who judged the retrievers, and to Graham Clark and Jim Adamson who judged the spaniels. The events were very generously sponsored by Judges Choice dog food and CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds.


1st Crochail Moulin Bonny Lass Angela Brennan
2nd Crochail Quiana G Macari
3rd Crochail Golden Nugget Catherine Clarke

1st Cant Craiglass Craig Cant
2nd Miss Delany of Yellowbrook John McColl
3rd Vineham Maldonada Puma Catherine Clarke

1st Rimouski Caley Oakstan Stan Payne
2nd Devonvale Shadow David Logan
3rd Glassgreen Tawny Owl Clare Hotchin

Best lady Handler Clare Hotchin

Summer test 2015 210


1st Jimmy Groat, Deepfleet Muller, essd
2nd Gary Vennard, Kildabarra Phoenix, essd
3rd Heolybwlch Hogg, Dougie Gibson, cd

1st Gary Wood, Kingcott Skywalker, cd
2nd Martyn Ryan, Kingcott Becca, cb
3rd Catherine Clarke, Lynburn Blonde, cb

1st Tommy Brechney, Rocket Ruby, cb
2nd Helen Gray, Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove, essb
3rd Dougie Gibson, Nunney Catherine, cb

Summer test 2015 209

Once again, thank you to everyone who came and helped to make the day a success, especially the dummy throwers. Without them we would be lost.

Lochan Dinty, Croy, Inverness, Sunday 22nd March 2015

Another great test – THANK YOU everyone for coming along, especially those that threw dummies. Many thanks to the judges Roddy Forbes, Erica Munro Ferguson, Lewis MacNeil and John MacColl, and of course to our sponsors Judges Choice Dog Food & C D McNeill.

Retriever Test Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners:
OPEN Retriever: 1st Kathmandu Ruadh of Donian (Roddy McBain); 2nd Whiterigg Kilda (Charles Court); 3rd Sadie Greenshadow (Heather Mercer).
NOVICE Retriever: 1st Kate Macbee (Don McBean); 2nd Hyndford Battle of Marengo (Stuart Dunn); 3rd Glenrowan Pride (Michelle Collier).
PUPPY Retriever: 1st Hawksrigg Amaryllis (Charlie Kemp); 2nd Drumgoose Fabragas (Les McLean); 3rd Hawksrigg Aurora (Rachel Murray).

Spaniel Test Winners

The results from the Spaniels at the Spring test, but first of all our sincere thanks go to sponsors CSJ dog food and Tain Pottery, to our dummy throwers, and to judges for the day, Jimmy Groat and Martyn Ryan.

1st Rachel Murray – Calderton Seal (essb)
2nd Alan Pett – Rothievale Poplar (essd)
3rd Will Calder – Breckmarsh Demi (essb)

1st Blair MacRaild – Dreamacres Lark (cd)
2nd Stuart Dunn – Sneggy Highflyer (essd)
3rd Rachel Murray – Calderton Seal (essb)

1st Stuart Dunn – Kirstzo Mr Soft (essd)
2nd Gary Vennard – Lucky Diamond Surprise (essb)
3rd Will Calder – Balmuir Sage (essb)

2017 Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club