Gundog Training

Gundog training sessions, organised by the Club, are held during the summer.  These sessions are held at different locations and are open to all members. If you are not a member – why not join – see Membership. Dogs are usually split into groups for both spaniels and retrievers – young dogs/pups, novice standard and open standard and are aimed at those who aim to work their dog in the future.

Classes are held outdoors so appropriate clothing and footwear are essential.

We are looking at the possibility of holding training sessions on a weekend morning rather than a weekday evening, as we have done in pevious years, but no firm plans have been made yet. Further information will follow once we have a plan in place.

It does not matter if you are only able to make it along to a couple of sessions or even if you miss the first few. We will work with you and your dog at the level he or she is currently at. However, we do ask that all dogs attending have succesfully completed basic obedience training and are able to be let off the lead, to sit when asked and recall under normal conditions.

We don’t expect perfection, particularly with the youngsters, but trying to move on too quickly with a dog who isn’t ready for it yet is generally frustrating for both the dog and the handler.

Everyone welcome. There will be a charge, payable on the day.

We will try to add more, but if you feel you are looking for help with obedience training we can suggest some trainers who train using positive methods and will add more as and when we can.

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