Spaniel Trials

Draw for the Open Trial for 16 English Springer Spaniels to be held on Friday 23rd October 2015:

  1. Mick Huitson Balmuir Skylark
  2. Frank Wilson Clarburgh Rosie
  3. Jim Clark Shalloakwest Skooter
  4. Janice Greig Spamvalley Fizz
  5. Andrew Cunningham Kilhopemoss Minder
  6. Alec Coutts Spamvalley Honey of Stagsden
  7. Robert Lithgow Balmuir Silk of Bankbrae
  8. Jim Adamson Rothievale Larch
  9. William Drummond Buccleuch Imrigh
  10. Ben Watkins Pitrahh Dirty Annie
  11. Graham Clark Broomfield Lilly
  12. Nick Powell Colcourt Sparky of Boundarymoor
  13. Mark Richardson Rowtonwood Lilly
  14. David Wilson Meikleburn Gus
  15. David Jennings Kilhopemoss Black Betty
  16. Duke of Buccleuch Buccleuch Honey


  • 17 Nicola Hannan Sealpin Sugar Spun Sister of Druimmuir
  • 18 Stuart Dunn Kirstzo Mr Soft
  • 19 Duke of Bucceuch Buccleuch Lucy
  • 20 Ben Watkins Simonside Doris of Laysan
  • 21 Frank Wilson Dawsonlee Gemini
  • 22 Mark Richardson Gartshore Ardara
  • 23 Alec Coutts Wyndhill Brett of Stagsden
  • 24 Andrew Cunningham Woodlandbank Bramble
  • 25 Spence Waddell Rosbruach Epic
  • 26 William Calder Balmuir Sage
  • 27 William Johnstone Buccleuch Katy

Draw for the Novice Trial for 16 Any Variety Spaniels to be held on Saturday 24th October

  1. Colin Falconer Dava Jessie
  2. Jim Adamson Strawberry Glen Sunrise of Jenoren
  3. Spence Waddell Rosbruach Epic
  4. John Paterson John’s Jumping Joy
  5. Nick Powell Lemdry Maggie
  6. William Johnstone Buccleuch Katy
  7. William Calder Balmuir Sage
  8. Andrew Cunningham Woodlandbank Bramble
  9. Dougie Gibson Speytrack Ann
  10. David Wilson Granton Minstrel
  11. Stuart Dunn Sneggy High Flyer
  12. George Dobbie Glynebwy Macho
  13. George Gardiner Natcarw Grav
  14. Alan Pett Quickaway Neptune
  15. DJ Stirling Windmillwood Kate
  16. Alan Pett Kingcott Bow


  • 17 William Johnstone Helmsway Honeybee

Spaniel trial schedule 2015

Spaniel trial entry form 2015

2014 Trial Results

Results from the Open stake for English Springer Spaniels

1st – M Huitson, Balmuir Skylark (Making the dog a FTCh)
2nd – R Claydon, Sliabh Peggy of Greenbrush (& Guns Choice)
3rd – N Hannan, Sealpin Sugar Spun Sister of Druimmuir
COM – S Charlton, Flaxdale Lara
COM – S Charlton Kilhopemoss Pepperpot
COM – A Cunningham, Kilhopemoss Minder
COM – G Clark, Broomfield Lilly
Thanks go to Altyre Estate and to our sponsors D & FM Thomson, CSJ dog food and Tain Pottery.

 Novice Trial for AV Spaniels at Glenferness


Judges were John Dixon, Peter Holmes, Jim Temporal and Jamie Reid. Our sincere thanks are extended to them for judging today and to John and Peter for judging yesterday as well.

Award winners today were:
1st – W Drummond, Buccleuch Imrigh (ESS dog)
2nd – J Adamson, Caulliechat Prince (ESS dog)
3rd – G Vennard, Craigscourt Blackjack (ESS dog) & Guns Choice
COM – A Cunningham, Spamvalley Fizz (ESS bitch)
COM – A Pett, Kingcott Bow (Cocker dog)

Thanks again to our sponsors Tain Pottery, CSJ dog food and D & FM Sporting.

2015 Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club